Radiation metrology
Radiation metrology
Detection and applications of neutrons and gamma-rays.
Electrical metrology
Electrical metrology
Quantum electrical standards for the new SI system of units.
Physical metrology
New techniques for physical measurement.
Teaching measurement and uncertainty within the ISO frameworks.
Services offered
We offer contract research for industry and regulation.
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Please contact us to discuss your needs the following services:

  1. Contract research or service measurements;
  2. In-service training courses on measurement and measurement uncertainty;
  3. Consultancy to assist you with ISO-compliant measurement reporting;
  4. Precision manufacturing of bespoke equipment.

Do you need help with any stage of your measurement problem? We offer expertise in all aspects of measurement from the concept to reporting. We provide custom-designed training and consultancy in preparing ISO-compliant uncertainty budgets tailored to your own measurement needs. We offer training courses in measurement for small or large groups. We also offer high precision toolmaking services of bespoke apparatus.

Training in the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)
The fundamental difficulties intrinsic to the traditional approach to measurement, together with the fragmented way that the formalism and terminology of measurement has been applied across different disciplines and technologies, led the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures to review the situation with regard to calculating and reporting measurements and uncertainties. These efforts, which started in the late 1970s, culminated in the 1990s with the issue of a set of recommendations and guidelines by the International Organization for Standardization  in the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM), which have now been adopted by all international standards organizations including NIST (USA), the IPL (UK) and indeed National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA). The so-called GUM approach is the international standard for the determination and reporting of measurement results in research and industry.  New users of the GUM sometimes find it hard to unpack the philosophy, language and analytical approaches used which is quite different from more traditional statistical formalisms.

Our training covers the following:

What is a measurement?
What is the nature of the information from measurement?
How can this information communicated?
The ISO-GUM: history, reasons and consequences
Sources of uncertainty in measurement
The measurement equation
The measurement result

The Metrological and Applied Sciences University Research Unit (MeASURe) is a research unit accredited by the University Research Committee and located in the Department of Physics at UCT.

The art and science of measurement is at the heart of MeASURe. 

The research focus of MeASURe is on applications which require novel measurement techniques, particularly using neutron and gamma radiation, and nanoelectronics at ultracold temperatures. 

MeASURe is also advancing reference standards for measurement, and offers measurement services to industry and science education.